Why Using Expired Domains for PBN is Great

Website domain collageAre you taking a full advantage for expired domains? If you are looking for a domain to use, the best advice for you is to not get a brand new domain name. Use an expired or deleted domain instead that has a clear history in search engines. Expired domain is great to use for SEO since they already have great backlinks and link juice.

Private Blog Networks are the most popular method to use for expired domains. In this article, we will tackle about why using expired domains for PBN is the way to go.

1.Domain Age

Search engine such as Google prefer aged domains since they are more trustworthy. Page rank and age of the domain can be retained if the expired domain has not been dropped. The details of the domains’ age can be found in WhoIs. There you can find the date of the domain when it was first registered. You can also check and estimate its domain age using a different source such as The WayBack Machine. When you use expired domains, you can rest assured that the domain already has a great background for you.

  1. Backlinks

If you have purchased a domain that belonged to someone who was establishing a well-ranking website, you’ll be able to grab the advantage of its backlinks in the internal link structure. You just have to take those links in and redirect the pages to relevant pages using 301.

  1. Link Juice

Link juice is one of the most important factors for gaining top rankings in Google search engine. And when you buy an expired domain, you will also have control where the referrals and link juice from those past backlinks flow. This is very useful if you’re redirecting links to relevant content on others sites you’re working, supporting other content, or to simply re-commit a site as a PBN node. The best thing you can do is to effectively grab the link juice coming from that website.

  1. SEO Benefits

When you have already chosen a domain with high authority backlinks, it can also generate traffic to your site. But first, you must check if the traffic targeted is relevant to what you’re offering, or if they are just searching for the website that was before.

If it is indeed not targeted then maybe that’s not as huge as you had expect. But if it’s in a very similar niche, you can hit the jackpot with some instant targeted traffic. This is also why when people build their own personal blog network to construct their very own backlinks, they choose to buy expired domains because they’re already buying authority, so they don’t have to work as hard as to build it from the beginning.

In Conclusion

Expired domains are used by many website owners and marketers as their own way to increase SEO presence and website traffic. Make sure you are well-educated and informed when buying these expired domains.

Always do your homework if you are considering in purchasing expired domain names for PBN.