Restored Expired Domains

3 Methods to Find Expired Domains with High Authority Metrics

In the world of Search Engine Optimization, if you want to rank higher you have to work harder. But ranking higher in search engines takes too much effort, you have to link build, do keyword search and so on. For that reason, a lot of businesses are now interested in buying PBN (Private Blog Network) with good expired domains for faster results in link building. Now the only problem is, how do you find PBN with high authority expired domains?

Domains are the basis of a network, they are certainly one of the most important part in a website. The difference between an expired one and a new one is that expired domains already have their own link equity and profile to use for link building on a money site.

There are many ways you can find expired domains but finding the best option that lets you easily get high authority expired domains are quite difficult. Worry not because we covered some tips below on how you can find them.

Domain Auctions

You can easily find expired domains by going to domain auctions. There are a lot of auction sites out there and the most popular one is GoDaddy Auctions. Though you have to pay a fee before bidding, you can be certain that you can find millions of expired domains, but it takes a lot of time searching for a good one. In addition, they have an advanced setting which allows you to choose a domain specifically to your desired range i.e, age of domain, domain authority, price, etc..

expired domain names

Domain Scraping

Scraping is one of the oldest way of finding expired domains. You simply check the domains expiration and getting them up when they’re not renewed.

When you use a scraping tool, you can automatically check the outbound links a specific website has – this lets you check any offline websites linking to that domain. Then, you can now check the domain if it’s available, you can also check its metrics using MOZ tools.

Scraping takes a lot of time and manual work, a PBN services will do better for the job though.

PBN Services

This is the best of the best when you’re searching for high authority expired domains. A highly recommended site for Private Blog Network services is PBN Domains. Not only do they offer affordable plans, but they are also the easiest choice when you want to find high authority expired domains in an instant! You can bet that you will get awesome expired domain names easily with the help of their fast, reliable tools.

Buying from PBN services assures you that the domains you’ve purchased are safe and secured in search engines such as Google, thus, prevents your site getting penalized.

Wrap Up

You can either find high authority expired domains manually, but it will surely take too much time, and requires a lot of effort, not to mention the tools you will have to use to make sure the domain you have picked is of high authority. For this reason, buying expired domains from a reputable PBN services is the best choice. Though you have to exert financial efforts, rest assured that it’s worth it.